Sunday, November 16, 2014

Why I am a Magdalo…

Why I am a Magdalo…

Sen. Antonio Trillanes and me during his visit in Iligan.
I started my journey as part of the Samahang Magdalo in 2009, after almost 2 years that Sen. Antonio Trillanes was elected senator in his first term. I added the senator as one of my friends in my newly created Facebook account. We chatted in  the Facebook messenger and he recruited me as area coordinator for Samahang Magdalo in Iligan City. I then started recruiting people to become a member of the Samahang Magdalo in Iligan; that was the moment when the membership form was still rejected by people when you give it to them because they fear of being tagged as a rebel. I and my wife even visited the senator with his Mistahs inside their detention cell in Camp Crame in Manila. I voted for the senator during the 2007 elections because I was also frustrated of the rampant corruption issues of the GMA administration. I voted for him for the purpose of having a man in the government that have no fear of objecting and fighting corruption of the administration. I eventually become a member of the Samahang Magdalo Group. Since then my communication to the senator through Gary Alejano, now representative of the Samahang Magdalo Party List, continues. 

I write this article because of some comments against the senator in the social networking sites. Some even asked me why I joined the Magdalo Group and I responded them also of a question why they will not join the cause. Accordingly, the following are their reasons why they don’t like the Magdalo, particularly Sen. Trillanes:
The Senator with my family when we visited
 him & his Mistahs in Camp Crame in 2009.
  1. The Magdalo are rebellious and why should we associate with rebellious people?
  2. Sen. Trillanes is disrespectful and arrogant.
Allow me to answer these issues one by one:

First, I could not blame you for thinking that the Magdalo are rebellious because they started and founded their group out from the Oakwood Mutiny in 2003 and the Manila Peninsula Siege in 2007. At that time the group of young officers wanted change and reform our government system due to corruption issues of the Arroyo administration. However, they realised that changing the society couldn't start from the top, it must start from our hearts. So, they open their group to civilians who have the same beliefs and aspirations like them, that is,  to have good governance and a government  that is equal for all. This is now known as Samahang Magdalo Para sa Pagbabago Movement, Inc. SM or Samahan for brevity. The Magdalo members now are not rebellious as you think. We are volunteer members whose advocacy is to empower the responsible and enlightened Filipino citizenry and become a vanguard for societal change. In fact, the Samahan is categorised as an NGO or Non-Governmental Organisation. It can even be associated as a socio-civic organisation, whose main purpose is to volunteer  in serving the country.
Second, from the beginning, we know Sen. Trillanes as a man who fight against corruption. In fact, he led the Oakwood because of the corruption issues of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. In factuality, it is not only GMA whom he battled with, there are a lot of corrupt political Goliaths in the government like Gen. Angelo Reyes and other corrupt retired generals who benefited the corruption of GMA; Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile; and recently Vice President Jojo Binay. Assuming arguendo that Sen. Trillanes is disrespectful, do you think these people I’ve mentioned deserved to be respected? They raped our country, they are the ones who disrespected the Filipino people. Remember “respect begets respect”. I have met Sen. Trillanes several times and from what I encountered, I observed that he is a gentleman full of respect. On the other hand, as regards to arrogance, assuming again without admitting that the senator is arrogant; that is only your unfortunate and exaggerated perception. The senator is only persistent in his conviction. We know that he is fighting the political giants of the country because of stealing the people’s coffer, which money is intended supposedly to the housing projects, food security projects, infrastructures projects of the government, etc. but instead building the same as mansions for their family and mistresses. With this, would you still want the senator afford to appear meek? If you are David fighting Goliath, can you afford to appear tender?

Senator Trillanes is a working senator. The issue that Sen. Trillanes has no legacy being legislator is a big lie. Please visit his site and check personally how many laws he had created and how many bills that are pending that he had passed . You can also check what he did to his PDAF and DAP funds. With the legacy of the Senator, I believe that it’s high time for him to run for a higher position. If he will win for a higher position, our dream to minimise, if not eliminate political dynasty will be materialised. He is not a political scion. Why not give our country a chance to be governed by a true person who belongs to the masses? Who has a true feeling for the poor? With the laws and projects he had created he deserves to be the president of this country but it is not for me to decide, it is you who will decide, it is us to decide. God bless the Magdalo! God bless the Philippines! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Leading the Country is a Destiny

“Our destiny can be examined, but it cannot be justified or totally explained. We are simply here.” —-Iris Murdoch

Leading the Country is a Destiny

I will admit VP Binay is leading his popularity to become the next president of the country. But could his popularity make him the next president of the Republic of the Philippines? In the last few presidential elections, I remember a lot of political icons who wanted to become the president of the republic and led the surveys but have not became the president because they were not elected during the actual elections. In the 1992 elections, who did think that Fidel Ramos could be the president of the Philippines. I remember Sen. Meriam Santiago was the one who led the surveys. Her popularity did not make her the next president. In 1998 elections, Erap Estrada got the overwhelming vote to become the president. Only in this elections that popularity made one the President of the Philippines. However, after almost three years of leading the country he was ousted from office due to plunder issue. In the 2004 elections, again Gloria Arroyo has no the same popularity over her opponent, Fernando Poe Jr. and yet the popularity of Poe did not make him the president of the republic. In 2010 presidential elections, we did not expect also that Noynoy Aquino would become president because his decision of running for the office was very late. He decided to run for president few weeks before the filing of the certificate of candidacy. Besides, the popularity of Manny Villar has engrossed in the minds of the people aside from the money he could spend during the election. But despite all his money and people’s approval he did not make it to the presidential race. 

Corruption and Scandal of VP Binay

Back to my question, can the popularity of Binay make him the next president of the country?

Few months back, when the Napoles issue involving the three senators, who are now in jail, was still the hottest; I concluded that Binay could be the next president. He has no corruption issues at that time. However, when the senate blue ribbon sub-committee started their investigations, the presidential dream of Binay is now six feet below the ground. I researched more on the corruption and scandal of the Binay’s family and I encountered a site which states the following:

Binay Corruptions and Scandals:
1. Unexplained wealth 400 hectares Binay FARM-Rosario Batangas
2. Unexplained wealth 40 hectares Binay FARM-Bauan Batangas
3. Unexplained wealth 10 hectares Mango Orchard
4. Two condominium units Rockwell worth 30 million not on his SALN
5. Three story Mansion with an Elevator in Banuyo Street,San Antonio Village and not on his SALN
6. House and lot Orbit st.Bel -Air Village and not on his SALN
7. House and Lot in Palm Village,Guadalope Viejo and not on his SALN
8. Rest House in Tali Beach,Batangas
9. Rest House in Puerto Azul,Cavite
10. Rest House in Tagaytay,Highlands
11. Rest House in Alfonso Cavite
12. Rest House in Zambales
13. Rest House in Pangasinan
14. More houses in Paranaque, Pasig, Mandaluyong and Muntinglupa
15. 600 “Ghost” Employees authorized by corrupt wife, Dra Elenita Binay and Amigas worth 3 million a month.
16. Binay’s wife has been linked to Php72.06-M in graft.
A FORMER whistle-blower in a high-profile graft corruption controversies turned-head of government’s financial watchdog, has linked the wife of Vice President Jejomar Binay, an incumbent, and several former Makati City officials to alleged deception in the public bidding for a Php72.06 million supply contract awarded by the city government in 2001.
17. Sandiganbayan graft case
Elenita Binay’s (and private businessmen Li Yee Shing, Jason Li and Vivian M. Edurise, and Ernesto Aspillaga’s) arraignment for graft charges was set by the Sandiganbayan’s 4th Division on January 18, 2008. Binay was charged with alleged anomalous purchase of office fixtures and furniture for the new Makati City Hall from private contractor Office Gallery International from December 1999 to February 2000, regarding the acquisitions worth P13.25 million overpriced by P3.6 million.
18. Bogus charity Project-40 Million (sister cityhood )
19. Bogus charity Project-27 Million calamity fund to other Provinces
20. Bogus charity Project-22 Million Lakbay Aral Package
21. Bogus charity Project-20 Million Ambulance to other Cities
22. 230 Million Info-mercial in TV 2009-Present. He used the Makati Foundation Day Funds
23. 15 Million – Komiks for Vice President Campaign
24. More illegal canteen Businesses in Makati(UM,CITY HALL)
25. Security Services Company contract to the city Hall owned by the Son in Law (Tri-Force Security Agency)
26. Maintenance Services awarded another son in Law (Red Hammer Construction and Services)
27. Binay mistress’ photos surface the internet. Irrelevant, but a fun addition to the stupidity.

With all of these corruption and scandal issues of Binay, do you think he deserves to be the next president? 

Debate's Withdrawal: "No Word of Honor"

On the other hand, few weeks back, Binay challenged Sen. Antonio Trillanes for a debate. People are waiting for this debate as Binay refused to appear at the Blue Ribbon Sub-committee to explain the corruption issues. However, despite of his challenge and chances of explaining his side he turned down the debate by withdrawing and disappointing the Filipino people and made “sorry” to KBP, the one which set the preparation for the debate. He didn’t apologize to the Filipino people who are also dishearten for his withdrawal. The people now lost trust of Binay and this made a deduction of his popularity slowly. As I read the news, on September 29 survey there was a slipped of 10%, on October 13 survey it went down to 16%. I haven't seen yet in the news how did this debate withdrawal affect his popularity. I hope the survey companies would not hide the truth of the result. I believe with what he did, his popularity would be deducted down to 50%. His cowardice and no "Palabra de honor" will put his ambition to become the president 60 feet below the ground. Listen and watch below his statement challenging Sen. Antonio Trillanes for a debate until he manifested his withdrawal for the debate.

The event that happen in the life of Binay shows that he couldn't be the next president. Do you think that all the scandals he experience now has no truth in them? Why should we gamble again the fate of our country? The destiny of our country is in your hands.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

“Groups of people resort to armed uprising when all avenues for peaceful reforms have been closed to them. This administration needs many reforms and people have been trying to accomplish them through legal means— through Congress, through the courts, through peaceful marches and demonstrations—but the administration is deaf and refuses to reform…With all the avenues closed, what are we to do? By preventing the people to use peaceful, legal means, the government is actually forcing the people to use violence. By preventing the people to air their grievances through peaceful street marches and demonstrations, it is denying the people an outlet for their resentment and anger. And if it does that, this anger is bound to explode like a volcano.” – NEAL CRUZ, PDI Columnist.

“For it is hard to believe that the soldiers barricaded their barracks would not care less about what was going on in Makati last Thursday. If they saw what the rest of the nation saw, and they remained silent, I would consider that meaningful silence. In a time like ours, when images from live media packed more power than the most stirring moments, what might the silence of citizens and soldiers possibly indicate? Are there senses stunned and their will paralyzed? Or are their souls shaken and courage awakened in their hearts? Who knows? Who would know what it means for a soldier or a citizen to see a young senator of the republic filled with idealism, being shackled and handled like a sack of potatoes by his captors as he is led to a waiting police bus? Who would know what it means for any viewer to see an 81-year old prince of the church, hobbled by age, his left hand tied to the right hand of another priest, being led to a waiting police bus after having just said a prayer of hope? Who would know what it means for someone to see a whole line of media people, their hands. I only know that one would need to be blind and insensitive to view those snapshots as achievements of the rule of law. You take a look one look at Gen. Lim and Sen. Trillanes side by side Gen. Esperon and Col.Bacarro – and you can tell at once who among these soldiers have their ideals intact. You take one look at Bishop Julio Labayen and former Vice Pres. Teofisto Guingona side by side Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno and Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye – and you know at once who the liars are.” – PROF. RANDY DAVID